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    I have been working real hard on the artwork for Tasty Weather Toons. I would love to hear any and all feedback on the app. I hope everyone enjoyed the Halloween treat where I put all the Tasty Toons in costumes. I put them in costumes that fit their different personalities.

    I am in the works to add some holiday cheer for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. I know not everyone got a chance to see the models in costume so if you didnt look up sinacism graphics on facebook. I have provided free images without weather conditions and names of the models shown. All images are set in the Palm Pre aspect ratio for use as wallpaper for your palm device.

    I am currently working on more girls for Tasty Weather Toons and the programmer is working on making it better as well (she has done such an awesome job on this).

    A huge thanks goes out to Vocshop games who played an important part in this along with everyone else who has tested it and giving me feed back.
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    To set the time click on the time button (it defaults to 6 hours) a drop down menu will appear with multiple times ( I personally set it for 1 hour increments). The update will check your weather according to zip code and grab the image that goes with the users condition ( if it is sunny a toon in the sun will appear).

    When the app updates your wallpaper a message will appear for a short time letting the user know that the wallpaper was updated. I am in the works making a better tutorial.

    Any questions, comments, feedback, or what not hit the email button in the help menu in Tasty Weather Toons app and it will email me directly. User can also go to Sinacism Graphics and leave a comment, or go to The sin of art and hit the contact button.
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    YEEEEE the programmer has been working real hard and BAM international bug fix has been slambasted into the either (eather, hey I am an artist I aint getting paid to spell good and earything). Thats right awesome places outside the US can now use either (yup its the right version of spelling) zip code or the gps. It is awesome I hope the international market likes my artwork. I am still updating new Tasty Toons all the time. Please tell me what ya think, I always want to know.
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    I have a holiday type of theme going on for Tasty Weahter Toons and I am doing so much work on it. I am thinking about doing a geek week cause I am a geek and think it would be cool to do a tron chick along with a star wars deal. This would be quite a bit different than the holloween deal like really dive into it.

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