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    Can anyone with access to webOS 2.0 tell us if the PDF View app has been updated? I didn't notice any mention of it in the recent reviews.

    Any new features or bug fixes?
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    I actually want to know too.

    Very tired of the PDF Viewer on 1.4.5... that doesn't work. EVERYTHING throws me a PDF Render Fail.

    Dieter? Anyone?
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    I recemtly purchased the eBook editions of about 6 titles from O'Reilly Associates. They all open in the PDF View app just fine, but I get the PDF render fail error when I navigate to page 2 of any of them. I can skip past page 2 successfully by entering 3 in the page number control at the bottom of the card.

    Ironically, one of the eBooks I get this "page 2" error on is the Palm webOS programming book from O'Reilly. :-(
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    Apparently QuickOffice is not including a PDF app on WebOS 2.0 They do make PDF apps for other platforms, but I'm afraid the PDF application that comes with WebOS 2.0 is the same old buggy app. I could be wrong though.

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    best PDF reader on iOS is Good Reader which is a $0.99 app. If we can get a webOS version of GoodReader, then all your PDF problems will be solved.
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    Yeah, is it possible to make a WebOS PDF app?
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    I was just on another site where someone was asking the same question about PDF View on Webos 2.0. One of the guys on there had a Pre 2 and he confirmed that the PDF View has the same problems, crashing when zooming etc.


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