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    Quote Originally Posted by clintwinstead View Post
    It sucks, but we're a dying platform and they don't wanna waste their resources on a platform that's not going anywhere.
    They don't take webOS seriously and they're NOT ever going to. It's an Android world my friends, get used to it, it's ain't gonna change.
    Never? Dying? "Ain't gonna change"?

    Speculation at best. It's still early in the season and the webOS team just picked up an top tier player (HP).

    Does it mean that HP money guarantees success? No, having money or even spending money is no guarantee of success. (Just ask the Mets) But it does give them the resources they have never had. Micro$oft is spending more money in advertising and promotion than the old Palm had in reserve:

    Microsoft To Pay More Than Half A Billion Dollars To Jump-Start Windows Phone 7

    That is why I can't help but laugh when people say the lack of money is not the main issue with the old Palm. They had made no more 'mistakes' (always easy to see in hindsight) than others, but didn't have the funds to sweep those mistakes away.

    Can someone explain how the Windows phone OS is miles ahead of webOS? I'm sure it has some good features, but it probably has drawbacks too.

    I suspect our fast-food, microwave, drive-thru generation has such a short attention span that we are too quick to quit. That could hurt the new 'Palm', but if HP has the patience it could help them tremendously. People are always looking for something new, if HP can supply it AND MARKET IT effectively, there is no reason they will not find success.

    It's only a two year life cycle in this super charged mobile market.

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    its because Palm and now even HP cant get their act together... example = pre2
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    Quote Originally Posted by delete2end View Post
    its because Palm and now even HP cant get their act together... example = pre2
    HP has owned Palm for 3 months and the last I heard they don't have a magic wand they can wave around. My 16 month old Pre looks and works like the day I bought it. If it ever dies I'll replace it with a Pre 2 in a heartbeat. If someone needs more features they should look elsewhere for now.

    HP/Palm webOS will be just fine in the future.
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