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    anyone know fo sure if the mic and camera api's are in 2.0? I keep thinking off apps I wish I had, or have recently heard about.

    but really, I think I can't do without advanced api's fortoo long, so if these arnt in 2.x, I think I'll be mobiling elseware.
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    as long as it comes before 3.0 I think I'll b good
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    We don't know since the SDK is not public yet.
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    "There are new APIs for developers as well, most prominently microphone, camera, and media library access."
    In the api section of the review

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    hope it comes exhibition should
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    Yeah I remember reading in an announcement that API's for mic, camera, and other features were being released within 2.0
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    in which case, I hope all the cool aps that use those api's get ported to webos
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    I wondered the same thing and posted about a strange detail in the Rockband app. It says that you can play all insturaments plus vocals. You need mic api's to pull that off right.

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