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    Electronic Arts just released Rock Band for WebOs.. glad too see the high quality apps still rolling in
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    Yeah, I just saw this too. I wonder how it is. For $6.99 I will wait for a review or two but in the end, I will most likely get it at some point. Anyone take the chance and get it yet?
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    I bought it. Just to have it I guess. lol. Just watch a video on youtube about the iPhone app. Its pretty much the same thing. Its actually pretty fun and a good transition from playing a guitar to tapping a screen. I think I heard in one of the videos that its 10 dollars for the iphone app. I think I'd pass if it was that much.
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    I purchased it and previously owned the iPhone version running on the 3GS

    I can say this verision of Rock Band on the Palm Pre running @ 1.0ghz is better than the iPhone version

    Amazing graphics, really good touch recognition, pretty decent song selection- hopefully (but doubt) EA will release an expansion or additional songs for it. Fast load times (again running @ 1.0ghz) There is Quick Play- World Tour- and Claims to Fame modes.

    For $7, this game blows Glu Mobile's Guitar Hero 5 out of the water, there is no compeition at all. I prefer to play with headphones on as the audio sounds great with them. I would defiantely get this as a game easy to pick up and run through for a few minutes or few hours.
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    Sweet I love that game.
    Loving my Palm Pixi everyday.

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