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    Quote Originally Posted by JoshLitwiller View Post
    Or one I heard, "The nice thing about driving in the midwest is that, if you fall asleep at the wheel and go off the road, odds are pretty good that you'll run out of gas before you hit anything."

    On topic, I've only had my Pre about a month, and I'm gradually migrating off of my old Palm T3 after about 10 years as a PalmOS user. What I'm using mostly so far:

    ClassicNote - so great to have my 10 years worth of Palm Memo items back
    Keyring - Open source password manager. Replacing STRIP (Secure Tool for Recalling Important Passwords)
    No-Nonsense Weather
    Preware - the source for several of the above apps

    Still looking for replacements for HandyShopper, (shopping list program), MyCheckbook, (Financial record keeper), and BigClock, (multi-purpose clock app: Multiple alarms with configurable repeat options, stopwatch, countdown timer) I know they're out there and I've installed a couple freebies, I just haven't spent a lot of time testing any yet.
    Have you tried Checkbook (beta) to replace MyCheckbook?

    I love it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rsanchez1 View Post
    Here are apps I use all the time:

    Precentral news
    Forums beta (using it for this post)
    BFG maps
    Visual Boy Advance
    Angry birds
    Assasins creed
    Ground effect
    Card ace
    Uber kernel + govnah

    [i]-- Sent from my Palm PrPrPr
    Glad you like precentral News !
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    This preCentral article (link below) should be updated too, at least for the Editors' favorite webOS apps. Gives us amateur users some direction on which applications to at least try out first:


    ps: Sorry, I'm still a newbie, so I'm not allowed to post direct links yet.
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