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    what exactly does this app do?
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    A good calendering app with initial roots in Winmo. I am using it on my iPad and its pretty good. Hope it comes to webOS.
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    Wow, looks very nice. I hope they have taken the time to make it look as good on webOS. I noticed a Google map in a screen shot -- is that embedded in the app or a link-out?
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    That's great news. Even greater new would be Datebk for WebOS...;-)
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    This looks cool. I can't wait to check it out. Hopefully soon.
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    I was tweeting to the developer seems develpement started a month ago! So hopefully it's ready at 2.0 release! Also asked him what were his thoughts on webOS's outlook, and if he thought HP could make webOS a major player? This is what he said:

    @bullonparade85 I am not yet sure. I kind of hope so though.
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    For the brief week I needed a new phone before my 2nd hand Centro came when I switched to Verizon, I had a Blackberry Storm. Go ahead and laugh. Finding the calendar and address book so lacking compared to my previous PalmOS Agendus, I tried Pocket Informant. It was not much better. Ubercalendar is quite good in comparison. Keeping my fingers crossed that Pocket Informant for WebOS is better than it was for Blackberry.
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