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    The Epocrates medicine app for doctors, Documents-to-Go, and HotSync'ing with Outlook were what made Palm a business tool. Well, we still have Outlook....

    here is a copy of email from Epocrates customrer support to me. I sent them back a polite response urging them to reconsider.

    While many may not see this as a disaster for WebOS, I think it is. Physicians were the first professional group to use PDAs as more than glorified address book/date planners, and in 2000, Epocrates was the killer app that sparked a Palm in 40% of doctor's pockets, and made headlines nationwide for Palm. Since 2006 or so, Palm lost ground, and Epocrates developed for iPhone.

    Now Palm has an elegant supremely capable OS, new models on the horizon that hopefully don't break every 3 months, and brags about...Angry Birds. Epocrates I use on Classic emulator every day, most of the day. Angry Birds I play with my 4yo on Saturday mornings. How the mighty have fallen....

    Hopefully HP and Palm will see the wisdom of working WITH Epocrates to stay in the WebOS market, and talk with them. I hope to email Palm soon about this.

    Epocrates response in bold at end of this message -

    WebOS 2 "Just Type" [Incident: 101023-000120]
    "" <>
    Add to Contacts
    To: ---------------------------------

    Thank you for your recent inquiry to the dedicated Epocrates support team. Below is a summary of your inquiry and our recommended solution.

    If the issue remains unresolved, please update your inquiry within the next 5 days or we will assume the issue has been rectified.

    Thank you, Epocrates Customer and Technical Support.

    You may update your inquiry by replying to this email. Your reply will be automatically recorded in our database, so it is *very* important that you enter your response *only* in the space below, or it may not process.

    [~~~> Please place Your Response below this line: <~~~]

    [~~~> Please enter Your Response above this line. <~~~]

    You may also click here to update your incident.

    WebOS 2 "Just Type"

    Discussion Thread
    Response (David) 10/26/2010 11:19 AM
    Good Day Dr. Jarvis,

    Thank you for contacting Epocrates.

    Unfortunately at this time we do not have plans to develop for WebOS 2 devices.

    Please let us know how we may assist you in the future.

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    This is not good news....
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    Whoa. This is a dealbreaker. I really don't want to carry around a 2nd device like an ipod touch for this. And I'm still waiting for the full version of Epocrates to be released.
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    No, Not good at all

    how hard would the update be to from 1.0?
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    why won't the old version work on webOS 2.0?

    why do you think it would stop working?
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    I have no doubts the current version will work on webos 2.0
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    Perhaps just on the "back burner" like Evernote. I don't think they'll abandon the platform.
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    This is sad
    If this helped you hit thanks.
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    I hope they don't abandon the platform, but not sounding good.

    To explain why this is important:

    The current Epocrates for WebOS is just a beta that does not get the medication data set updated, does not have insurance coverage information for each drug (to know if a patient's insurance will pay for the med being prescribed) and does not have the other applications that the full Epocrates Essentials or Epocrates Pro suites have. The Epocrates Essentials suite currently only runs under the Classic Emulator, which will not run on WebOS 2, so..... all of the advanced uses of Epocrates for physicians will die when WebOS2 gets pushed to our phones.

    I will hope that Epocrates reconsiders. However, the Epocrates Essentials suite is the killer app for me. I made the switch from my Centro to a Pre when it was announced that Epocrates would run on Classic.

    Now, I may be forced to switch phones again, as I lost my Centro. I really hope not, because WebOS is the best user experience yet, and some good medical apps are starting to come out for it, by PalmDoc2005 and SiratoXero. Or I may just have to resurrect an old Palm from my closet (if I have one anymore) and see if it will still run Epocrates Essentials to use in clinic....
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    bad problem.

    can we bring this to the attention of hp?
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    I'm with all of you. I held on to getting a Day 1 Pre after the initial announcement in January 2009 when Palm promised ePocrates would be on it. Up until that point I was planning on getting an iPhone. Well ePocrates under Classic is OK at best, but native webOS is much better. I have an active ePocrates Essentials sub that will be wasted once webOS pushes 2.0. So after many years of Palm loyalty (Pilot to Treo 300/600/700) it looks like I may be forced to choose a different OS (iPhone or Android) and maybe a different carrier from Sprint to keep ePocrates Essentials, which is, well, essential in my patient care. I am not happy about this, especially after proselytizing webOS to many other docs and health care practitioners.
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    We need to start a campaign to Epocrates to continue developing for webOS 2.0!! I find it ironic that Epocrates got it's start from Palm OS and now they are abandoning HP/Palm...especially webOS 2.0 has a bright future. I could see Epocrates taking advantages of "stacks"...It's a shame...sounds like they will only support iOS and Android.
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    Just curious, I believe "PalmDoc" did ask Epocrates about a month ago re: a final webOS version and it appeared that Epocrates was still developing Epocrates RX for webOS...

    More coming for Epocrates for webOS

    But, maybe things have changed...
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    It has changed. I purchased a Pixi for my wife's use, particularly for epocrates, and was notified a month ago that not only were they terminating support for epocrates through Classic, but they suspended development of Epocrates RX for WebOS.

    It absolutely sucks, and is the main reason why I was forced to break my Sprint contract and buy my wife a iPhone 4
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    Quote Originally Posted by UntidyGuy View Post
    Look on the bright side for Epocrates fans - A $220 iPod Touch is wafer thin and natively supports all Epocrates tools.
    With the iphone coming to verizon and it only costing $199.00 no reason to even consider dragging around two device trying to tether or make sure you have wifi access etc etc when carrying one device will do it better...
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    Quote Originally Posted by UntidyGuy View Post
    Yeah but lots of people are still on contract, have poor coverage, are on family plans, etc. My point is that one of the best things about iOS apps is that you can have access to them on an iPod Touch with relatively little trouble compared to trying to or waiting for Epocrates to support their fourth or fifth choice platform. At 101 grams and 7.2mm thick you're not exactly going to have to drag it around. It also is a pretty decent media player too.
    Agree on the waiting for it to be dev on another platform.. And the iOS platform is wide spread but I sure most people would rather have one device rather than two. And we are mainly talking people in the medical field here not a best buy stockers so I'm sure the contract/plan etc is not an issues for most.

    But I do see your point...
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    Quote Originally Posted by UntidyGuy View Post
    For health care professionals, it's going to be iOS, Android, Blackberry, Palm OS, and Windows Mobile with the latter two dropping off very fast.
    With the death of Classic, I would say that Palm OS has already dropped off.
    My device history:

    - Jim J.

    (On Sprint for many years)
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    This is what saddens me the most: Coming from Epocrates &ndash; EHR solution

    They really are just doing what the majority of these private development companies are doing. Going where the money is. I guess I can't really blame them.
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