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    So... hypothetically speaking: what exactly do the other versions of Epocrates do that the webOS version doesn't do?

    More importantly, are any of those not-included features available directly from their (or any) website for free?
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    this isnt bad news... You're reading the response wrong...

    the response is based on the notion that there is a "NEW webos 2 Devices" (not webos 2.0 software update)...

    the app will continue to work on webos 2.0 as before and will continue to be updated.

    again... read the response and tell me im wrong
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    Quote Originally Posted by draven76 View Post
    It has changed. I purchased a Pixi for my wife's use, particularly for epocrates, and was notified a month ago that not only were they terminating support for epocrates through Classic, but they suspended development of Epocrates RX for WebOS.

    It absolutely sucks, and is the main reason why I was forced to break my Sprint contract and buy my wife a iPhone 4
    I'm thinking that if I were a doctor, I'd just have an wifi version of the iPad (for now, hopefully PalmPad in the future) or three in my practice for patient consults and wouldn't care if the full version was available on my phone. I'm not sure I would see a need to switch carriers and devices.
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    Well, it's too bad what Epocrates is doing...but I guess I will continue using Epocrates Essentials on my iPad. However, there were certain aspect of Epcorates Essentials on Palm OS that works better than the iOS version. Especially searching for ICD-9 codes...the Palm OS version did a much better job than iOS version. Also, if Epocrates will truly support all iOS devices...they need an iPad specific version of Epocrates...the extra screen real estate is not being taken advantage of and they need to make iOS 4 multi-tasking compatible (especially when iOS 4.2 finally comes out on the iPad)....On the side, I can't believe how much I miss multi-tasking using the just works on the Pre!
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    Just another reason why HP/Palm should also focus on app developers to increase the number of useful apps available for WebOS. Many main stream users and business users want to be able to use their smartphone for apps specific to their jobs/lives. They don't care as much for screen resolution/size, speed etc. IMHO. To paraphrase a politician: "It's the apps, stupid"
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    Ok. The free webOS-native ePocrates version does not have formulary info (critical when a patient is sitting in front of you and you're trying to figure out which meds are covered by which insurance plan), doesn't update the meds, doesn't have the 5 Minute Clinical Consult built-in, doesn't have the common symptom guide, doesn't have the infectious disease references, doesn't have the lab reference guide, doesn't have the DocAlert program for journal updates, and doesn't have the additional downloadable apps that can be added to ePocrates when you have the full version of Essentials and Essentials Complete. Although the free beta webOS-native ePocrates is great, it isn't enough. That's where Classic came in to save us when we needed the better stuff in ePocrates (which is every day!). HTH.
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    I had a Centro before I got my Pre+, and I kept it around just for Epocrates. While reading this thread I decided to check my Epocrates, because there was a nice psychiatric add-on that was there (and not on WebOS). I tap on the Epocrates icon (on the Centro), and my phone reboots! 3 times. No Epocrates. Anybody know what that's about?

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    In response to Sketch42,
    the WebOS beta version is only the straight drug database, interactions, and med calculators. And doesn't do the weight-based calculators right from the individual drug.

    The full Epocrates Essentials or Pro has several other modules, (Diagnosis which has diagnostic and treatment info on over 700 conditions) Infectious Disease, Lab section, Symptoms (a differential diagnosis module), and ICD9/CPT codes and medical dictionary, OTC's, herbals, and most importantly, insurance coverage information for each drug. All for about $200 or $295 a year, which is much better than Lexicomp for comparable info, and more succinct, which I valued.

    responding to others - I still see a fair amount of docs with older Palms using them for Epocrates, along with their little old flip or candy bar cell phones. But fewer month by month. Only one old Palm left in our office now, used by our senior doc.

    In answer to SiratoXero's question,

    Some of this info is available in other places, but only Epocrates has the insurance coverage info.

    Maybe I'll get an ePad, too! lol (epocratesPad)

    But I really hope not to have to leave WebOS. I like the OS too much, and also that when my family and I are camping in our trailer, I can use my Pre as a Mobile HotSpot for internet access and do work or web surfing that way w/o paying for another device to do it (as long as I can get a decent signal with Sprint, which is only about 1/2 the time, so I do plan to switch to Verizon anyway)

    Time will tell. I did get a response from Epocrates today that they have forwarded my polite e-mail asking that they reconsider on to the Product Development Group or similar. We'll see...
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    please keep us posted.

    anyway we can get HP to take notice?
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    Richard Hernandez: Hi, my name is Richard Hernandez. How may I help you?
    a : hello. how are you
    a : I have been a long term user of epocrates with palm OS and windows mobile devices
    a: I currently use a webOS device, and love the beta product that you have available
    Richard Hernandez: ok, how are you?
    a : there are many mentions online that epocrates will no longer be supporting webOS. is this true?
    Richard Hernandez: We are currently developing the next version of Epocrates Rx for the Palm webOS platform which includes formularies and the ability to update your product with the latest clinical updates and DocAlerts. As new information becomes available we will post updates to our website at PDA Medical Software. Medical & drug software for iPhone, iPod touch, BlackBerry, Palm & Windows PDAs
    a : so you will be supporting webOS?
    Richard Hernandez: Our development team is looking into the Webos Market and demand.
    a : wait, does that mean that you not developing the next version of Epocrates as you just mentioned?
    Richard Hernandez: That means our development are waiting to see the demand for Webos. Hope this answers your question.
    a : in other words, there will be no future support or upgrades of the current version in the foreseeable future?
    Richard Hernandez: Yes and No,
    a : ?
    Richard Hernandez: Here's a FAQ link that will show our updates for Webos. Epocrates Search Portal
    a: yes to no future support or updates?
    Richard Hernandez: Sorry, that we can not give you a straight answer of yes or no things change overnight with these new device's.
    Richard Hernandez has disconnected.

    he just provided conflicted info, didnt clarify, and disconnected.

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    Spent a lot of time saying pretty much nothing, didn't they?
    My device history:

    - Jim J.

    (On Sprint for many years)
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    Here is another dismal reply for WebOS from Epocrates. It doesn't totally slam the door on WebOS, but, it sounds pretty bad.


    Motion Apps Classic emulator will no longer work with WebOS 2 [Incident: 101025-000594]
    "" <>


    Motion Apps Classic emulator will no longer work with WebOS 2

    Discussion Thread
    Response (David) 10/28/2010 06:00 PM
    Good Day Dr. Jarvis,

    Thank you for contacting Epocrates.

    While we most certainly appreciate your enthusiasm for not only Epocrates, but the Palm WebOS platform, unfortunately it is not a platform we have plans to support in the future. While market conditions may change, it is not something we are pursuing at this time.

    Please let us know how we may assist you in the future.

    NEW! Access drug and disease information online with the Epocrates(r)
    Online free web-based reference.
    Search Now

    Customer (DAVID JARVIS) 10/25/2010 10:44 PM
    This was just announced 10/25 at Apparently the Centro ROMS for the old PalmOS aren't in WebOS anymore.

    This is a disaster for those of us relying on Classic on our Pre's and Pixi's while waiting for Epocrates Essentials to come out on WebOS as a native app. I usually start up Classic and Epocrates Essentials at the beginning of the day, and don't turn it off until I am done for the day, because it is so much more instantly useful than our clinic's slow web connections, and I need the insurance and Dx and InfDis info that the Rx WebOS beta doesn't have. (and updated med info).

    I, and I am sure the other physicians using modern Palms who helped build your company with our yearly subscriptions and word-of-mouth since Epocrates started, would appreciate hearing more about your WebOS app progress, which I hope is nearly done. (Hopefully you are just waiting for WebOS 2 to launch on the carriers to our phones).

    While WebOS may not have the #'s that iPhone and Android have, this will probably change with HP now bringing several new models and actual marketing to the table.

    And, WebOS does have LexiComp as a native app already, as an alternative if Epocrates doesn't fill the void soon. But I much prefer Epocrates to Lexi, so I am hoping your company will hit another home run with a native WebOS version soon. (Right now that is the main reason from other docs that I hear for getting an iPhone on AT&dropcall-T, is Epoc Essentials).


    David Jarvis, MD
    Baraboo, WI

    Epocrates Guarantee Epocrates, Inc., 1100 Park Place, Suite 300, San Mateo, CA 94403 | PDA Medical Software. Medical & drug software for iPhone, iPod touch, BlackBerry, Palm & Windows PDAs
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    Wow. Thanks for the update. Any chance of Epocrates getting the WebOS version out of beta? It seems like the answer may be "no", given that last reply. This is about enough to make me jump ship if devices don't sell well post-CES.
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    just bad bad news.
    we all need to email or contact epocrates to show our support!
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    Yes - very bad news. I am unfortunately looking at the Droid2 on Verizon. But I am going to try eimailing Palm to see if they can talk with Epocrates, too. I would sure hate to lose all the money invested in WebOS apps, Touchstones, etc, and early termination fees, and using Android is a drag compared to WebOS!

    I also don't want to give up on this community here, and the OB Tracker app that SiratoXero is making. If Palm is not selling to more MDs by next Fall enough to get Epocrates back into WebOS, when my Sprint contract is up, then I'd probably have to drop Palm. Until then, I guess one foot in each camp may be the way to go. Dang.
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    epocrates recently updated their app for android, and it no longer works on my wife's droid 2. Just an FYI.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MDsmartphone View Post
    epocrates recently updated their app for android, and it no longer works on my wife's droid 2. Just an FYI.
    The news just gets better all the time...
    I am not going to use a keyboardless phone - my fingers are too big on my wife's touchscreen, but fine on her keyboard (Android Samsung Acclaim on US Cellular)

    Last night after the bad news, I installed Epocrates on my wife's Acclaim. Took forever, and initially didn't run. So I powered down, waited 10 sec, powered on, and it worked fine.

    You've probably already tried it, but maybe uninstall, power-down. Re-install, powerdown. Maybe your wife will get lucky with it.

    I'll make Epocrates functionality a condition of getting the Droid2. Since I'm getting it from the local store, should be OK, compared to online.
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    Quote Originally Posted by UntidyGuy View Post
    Actually, I still see a lot of medical users with regular mobile phones and Palm PDAs. I'm wondering when Epocrates is going to cut off support for Palm OS. Perhaps a year? I have a feeling there will be more consternation over cutting off Palm OS than cutting off webOS.
    I would agree. People like me have been paying a couple hundred $ a year for the PalmOS version, still. (Even though I run it on Classic). Paid subscriptions probably figure into plans more than free betas.
    Last edited by BBooDoc; 10/29/2010 at 10:02 PM.
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    I just did more looking at Turns out the Android version doesn't have Essentials. Only iPhone and Blackberry and PalmOS. (Windows Mobile also, if there is anyone left using that).

    Additionally, all of the free add-on tools for Epocrates are PalmOS or WinMob, such as the Gail Calculator (Risky Disky on PalmOS better though), INR adjustment, initial insulin dose calculator, steroid equivalence calculator, etc. I didn't use too often, but nice to have when wanted.

    It is a shame that Palm dropped the Centro ROM from the OS. I am seriously bummed. I may have to go out and drink a real non-diet microbrewery Root Beer to cope with this...
  20. #40 works fairly well on the pre's browser...may have to suffice until webOS' marketshare increases to epocrates' wishes...
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