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    Does anyone know of a basic inventory app that can calculate profit vs. Cost, keep track of stock etc....?
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    i'm waiting for an autofocus camera so we can scan barcodes! But maybee i should start to make a simple inventory app and add that other functionality later
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    Even though there are not alot of apps yet, this platform is the easiest to navigate. I tried droid and came back. Antonio that would be great.
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    My DataBank would do the job, though it might be a little tedious depending on how many items you want to keep track of. It wouldn't do the calculations for you, but you could export the data to another app and get the calculation I believe.
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    Nathan is right. You can use My Databank to keep track of profit and costs. It includes advanced features that will allow you to calculate running totals and basic math logic. It now has column and line graphing features to help you visualize the trend of your profit and costs.

    Try it for free and see if it meets your needs:
    My DataBank

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