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    Potentially really big news for users of Evernote: I'm not sure if the launch of the Pre 2 is what persuaded Evernote to breathe a little new life back into the product, but there is already a patched, 1.1 version of Evernote available for download and installation via your favorite "off-line" method.

    The thread is here: Evernote User Forum • View topic - Updates in the works? and it contains the link to the new version.

    This is potentially really big news for those of us fans of Evernote. If everyone goes and download this right now, it might generate some interest at Evernote for webOS, and in turn that might get us some more attention in this *much* needed space! Go get it!
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    It's great that they're supporting the app. I've switched from using OneNote to Evernote because of the ease of retrieving my class notes from my PC desktop, Mac laptop and Pre.
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    This update is now available in the app catalog.
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