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    I've got an app I installed directly, it's a paid app in the catalog. The dev emailed it to me for testing. I can't update it in the catalog or post a review.
    When looking for solutions to "download failed", I came across EMH, but it says it's for 1.3.6, I tried it and still can't update or review. I'd guess the app id is off since I installed it manually. Is there another work around?
    My gadget list-TouchPad, Pre 3, Pre 2, Pre+, Pixi+, Treo 700p, Treo 650, Centro, Handspring, Kyocera 6035, 7135-all with Verizon.
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    did you email the dev to ask for a newer version? your palm profile doesn't have record of you buying it if you didn't get it from the catalog.

    have you tried deleting what the dev sent and then downloading it fresh from the catalog?

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