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    Hey Everyone,

    I've been talking with the guys at ( to get this app ported to WebOS. If there's enough interest, we may be able to get them moving along...

    It's a great social networking app, let's try to get it on WebOS.

    Thanks for the support...
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    I think it's a little more than social networking, more of a single's scene for men to meet men.

    Definitely not something I'd use.
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    it's not just for sex and men there are ver for both sex's it's a cool app
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    I'm down with it... Definitely not a problem for me.

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    Grindr is a great APP on the ipad - would love to see it on the Palm Pre
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    Quote Originally Posted by verwon View Post
    I think it's a little more than social networking, more of a single's scene for men to meet men.

    Definitely not something I'd use.
    In my experience, these types of services actually ARE used just as much as a social tool as they are a dating or hookup tool. I have a lot of friends whom I've started chatting to in person at a bar or whatever having known of them via services such as this previously. Even if they are "a little more," than social networking, who cares? It's an app other platforms have, which a subsection of the potential userbase of webOS will be very familiar with and might factor into their buying decision, and really, if we can get the app then why not get it on webOS?

    Either way, I'll lend my support to this. I tried out Grindr back in the very first few days on iPhone when it didn't have much users but I believe it's got a lot more since then, so I'd try it again if it came to webOS.
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    Just added my name to their list to create app for Pre.
    Sprint Palm Pre
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    We should all be supporting the porting of apps to webOS, whether or not we are personally going to use it. Choices are a good thing and webOS deserve all the support we can give it.

    No need to pass judment on the app nor the users of the app. It's quite simple really. If you don't like it, don't use it!
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    yep +1 from me
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    yes. I agree great app would like to see on pre
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    I for one support the app, and like the others say, I think we need bigger developers like this to webOS... If you support it or not
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    I'd love to see it get ported over! Us weboser's may not have the market share of some of our "competitors", but we do have a much better community, so hopefully we can leverage that to get some big apps ported.
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    I put my name and Pre on there around the time I got my Pre. I just did it again. Hopefully this will bring enough people to them to port it over. I would think porting it over would be easier than the Blackberry app...

    Speak of the devil, I just got an email saying that the Blackberry beta was updated... It's frustrating that I can't use the app on the BEST OS...
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