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    so i've gotten too comfortable downloading beta apps and came across this one in the productivity section in preware, called remindme by hp labs. well i decided to try it out.

    upon opening the app you're presented with a login or create account, enter email and password like some apps request these days, yes mostly reputable ones now that i'm recalling the other ones i've done this for. well upon creating an account, i thought well i'll probably get an email confirming, no such email.

    i started to search for profile settings or a delete user area or something, and there seems to be nothing of the sort. no support links or anything, i found that the app points to HP Labs - Advanced Research at HP which looks legit but i don't really know about hp's working yet. anyone have info on that link?

    anyways the app seems really fishy and all. i created a user under with password thief and it went right through so i don't know if this person is trying to go about getting some emails to just cause some havoc and laughs at others' expense or if it's just a harmless way of using the app to track your own reminders and use the app the way it's intended but like i said it seems really odd and bogus.

    i'm asking all of you at precentral to see if anyone has information on this developer or knows what this is about and also want to inform all of you a bit about how this works.

    i dl'd against my usual better judgement, i guess i just wasn't thinking. since i downloading this morning, i have changed my password for my gmail i gave and intend to go through all my accounts and change passwords for them too, it's about time i did this anyways as it's probably due time.

    any info would be appreciated and not just comments like "oh you should've been smarter" and the like.

    like i said i'm just trying to inform the rest of the users out there so nobody else gets into a possible predicament with this app.

    i'd like the developer to come forward and explain said app as well and give more information on it if they are on here.

    have a great day everyone!

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    This is a legit HP app, so you didn't send your information to someone trying to phish email accounts.
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    thanks hardbeatz, I appreciate the rapid response. I was just kinda worried because I couldn't find anything relatively simple in terms of getting any kind of support. When I didn't get any confirmation emails after putting in the info kinda made me uneasy a bit. Thanks for putting that uneasyness to rest though.

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    check the main page and you will see an article about this app.
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    aint that some *****! I typically check thefront page a few times a day. The one day I don't and there's an article about it. Damn.

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