this is an email I sent to pandora a little while ago:

Hi Patrick,

Thanks for the suggestion! *This is an interesting idea. We will keep it in mind as we figure out what new features to add to Pandora next.

We really appreciate the feedback. *It's very helpful as we work to improve the service. *Thanks for listening!

Tom K @ Pandora

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Patrick Mangan wrote:
> Hi,
> I was wondering if the pandora team was considering adding podcast
> stations to the service/app. I think it would be an awesome podcast
> recomendation tool, and possibly, a primary means of listening to
> podasts.
> I imagine it working similar to music, creating a station by entering
> the title of a podcast I like. The station would play episodes from
> that podcast, and also similar podcasts that I can rate with the thumb
> rating. Download support should be added to podcasts, etc..
> Good idea?
> Thanks
> Cheers

Anyone else like this idea? Maybe you could email pandora about it too!