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    I noticed this afternoon Facebook shows a different logo now. It used to show the Orange Palm logo, now its a white and blue HP logo. I guess the change has come.
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    Thank Goodness
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    I don't get which logo you are talking about?

    Someone pointed out to me that when i post with facebook app, it says "Palm with palm facebook app for webos" but its a grey palm, not orange.

    is that what you mean? i liked orange. oh well, can't please them all.
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    if you favorite Palm you will see the new logo nextto their comments.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sketch42 View Post
    Thank Goodness
    I'm in agreement.
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    don't like it, you can hardly even see it next to the text. They should just put the blue HP circle logo there. Not this big of course...

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    I think that the OP is talking about Palms page on facebook. The icon used to be the orange Palm logo and now it shows HP palm in blue letters and a white background.

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