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    Hey i was wondering if it would be possible to get the game "Alchemy" (for android) ported over to the Pre.

    My friend showed me this game and it is really simple yet really cool.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chompy View Post
    You'd have to ask the Developer of the app. They are the only one with the source code...
    I found out that Andrey "Zed" Zaikin, is the developer but since he's russian, and most sites i've searched from google i go to are in russian, its hard to find a contact for him.

    I would love to get this game for the pre.
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    I finally found his E-mail address and contacted him asking if he could and would port this game for the Palm pre.

    lol i dont know if anyone else cares... but this game really is cool. Guess you just gotta try it to know.

    Hopefully i hear some good news.
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    any updates on this?
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    Cosign this thread! I play on my wife's Droid all the time . So simple, yet addictive.
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