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    So I have seen that Tweetdeck has put out an Android app, and have seen a video review of it. It looks very cool and well done. I tried to start up a conversation with the Tweetdeck guys on twitter about a possible #webOS app, and this was the reply from @richardbarley, the Community Manager for Tweetdeck:

    @headgamer Glad you like the Android app. Sorry, no plans for a WebOS version tho I'm afraid... #webOS

    I forwarded the tweet to @rahulsood... think there's any way to change their minds? Just curious...
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    Has Tweetdeck so much more to offer than the already tens of current webOS twitter apps?
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    From the looks of the Android app, it looks like it does twitter, facebook, foursquare, and linkedin all in one app. It's just convergence is all... I personally love my Twee and Foursquare app, and Facebook Beta is acceptable... but if three apps can become one, it's worth taking a look at.
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    Fair enough. Let's see if the team will get convinced then when Palm / HP is relaunched at CES
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    I actually hate Tweetdeck on my desktop, the version on the iPhone wasn't as bad, however, I compltely prefer the apps on webOS to it.

    From what I understand, Tweetdeck is looking to create a web version of their app to avoid developing for multiple platforms. Which leaves people with two options: hope HP pays them to develop it or hope webOS becomes popular.
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    Not really feelin Tweetdeck. I use it on my desktop only because I cant stand when my Twitter updates read "via web" lol! I would rather use Foursquare, Bad Kitty, Facebook independently on my phone anyway. Tweetdeck is pretty much just status updater for all the major social networking sites. Nothing really revolutionary.
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    i personally like tweetdeck for the desktop one of my most used applications. Stays open all the time. like headgamer said its a convenience factor. they may not be reinventing the wheel but it still useful to some

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