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    Is Asphalt5 still in the app catalog? I purchased it a long time ago and I got a new Pre thanks to my previous Pre having issues with the power and volume buttons. Now I can't find the full Asphalt 5 in the app catalog, I only see the free trial.

    This is on a Sprint Palm Pre using WebOS 1.4.5

    Sorry if this has been posted by someone else already. I searched and all I found that was somewhat relevant to my issue was this topic
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    No longer in my catalog either. I hope I don't have to redownload as it's a great game. Hopefully is just temporary and there is an update coming.
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    I've never bought Asphault 5 before, and just checked the App Catalog. The full version seems to be missing. I only see the free version.

    Try contacting the Dev.
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    I doctored my pre yesterday and could not find it in the app catalogue either but it was restored after I used the save/restore app tool. Hopefully this helps.

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    It seems like it was temp removed
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    Thanks guys. Hopefully it gets back online. It's a fun time waster.
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    Really frustrated at this! i want an app that i PAID for. this is ridiculous.
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    at least the free demo is there. They probably are making updates. Did anyone contact the developer?
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    Update. It's been updated. It was added to the App Catalog on the 19th. Seems there was a bug previously and now it's fixed. I would download it, but Asurion sent me yet another dead pixel Pre. Complaining later today..... Going to be 3rd Pre from Asurion in less than 2 weeks zZzZzZzZ
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    and in my app catalog i dont have games and good for example the asphalt 5 what to do to get games?

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