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    Is there an option or app I'm unaware of that allows for a gradual increase in the volume of the alarm clock when it goes off? The abrupt blurting at full volume is a bit, shall we say, startling when waking up.

    I've searched the other clock apps an none make mention of this functionality.

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    Here's my sequence of alarms....I usually have them all at full volume on the Pre. You can go through ringtones at Free ringtones, themes, wallpapers, games. Millions of downloads for your mobile phone | Zedge and find your own. I have those 4 set 15 min apart, it's a good progression.
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    You can always use audacity or a similar program and add a fade in to your favourite mp3s. I did that once, long ago (AC/DC, Thunderstruck Intro) and the effect was very convincing. However, i deleted it in the meantime.

    My current wakeup song is "Sonny and Cher, You Got me Babe" - For me it's the ultimate wakeup song (remember Groundhog Day?)

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