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    Just a couple ideas for the developer(s):

    • Ability to open XBMC from the remote (Windows)
    • Option to hide/show the now gesture remote control example
    • Banner confirmation for adding items to the playlist
    • Currently playing item in playlist is highlighted
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    Thanks for this.
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    I'm not too sure what is/isn't possible through a HTTP interface, but I figured it would be nice for some input. I love XBMC and webOS.

    On a side note, I have the Dharma Beta 3 running on my Win7x64Pro HTPC and everything works pretty well, except for 'now playing' album art.
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    Yea. It looks like at this point they haven't removed the old interfaces. I was under the impression that they would be taking them out, but maybe not. In the next release, I will switch over to the new interfaces. That will make things much cleaner/simpler/more reliable from a communication point of view.
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    Wow, good to know the app is still being looked at. I never got it to work fully after purchasing it. The thumbnails would never show up in movie mode and the TV series list was just a bunch of squat boxes in a vertical stack.

    The media controls worked once a file was playing but that's about it.

    I assumed since I was already into the daily builds for what was to become the Dharma release that I was out of luck due to changes in the XBMC interface.

    Nice to have a little hope as the demo video looked real slick.
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    Those problems were almost always due to the unreliability of the current API. The way that it sends me data can be changed by any other external program, and this was a very frequent occurrence for a small set of users. (even some who said they weren't using any other software that uses the API) The next version will be using the new API and it should be much more reliable.
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    Then, thanks in advance.

    FWIW, I was using a clean install of nightlies that came out after the Camelot builds with no other add ons and the default skin. I do possibly recall a few posts about the thumbnails being a pixel smaller than they used to be somewhere along the line and thought that might've messed up the remote.

    I'll be looking forward to the update when it makes it's way to us.

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