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    Tapatalk people has asked us about changing the name of the app. They're great folks, and althought I like the name as it is (and, obviously, I think that they should too), if they don't feel right with the name, we're going to change it.

    Obviously, if we can finally use Tap@Talk as name for the app, we'll do, but if not, there is a problem: we're truly bad choosing names (who likes Communicate as name for a dialer?) so I think we need help to make the right decission.

    Please post here your name you find more marketable, descriptive and beautiful for the app. I can't guarantee we'll choose one of the posted names, but If we do, that guy will win a copy of all our apps, current and future. This includes, of course, "The app formerly known as Tap@Talk"... maybe we should name it as "The symbol (different than the artist formerly known as Prince)"?
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    thread manager
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    Talk Stream
    Forum Stream
    Talk Flow
    Forum Flow

    Just a few I can think of off the top of my head
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    1. Forum King
    2. Forum Master
    3. Forum Planet
    4. Forum Galaxy
    5. Forum Universe
    6. Forum Ace
    7. Forum Boss
    8. Forum Commander
    9. Forum Wizard
    10. Forum Genius
    11. Forum Ty"c"oon (darn *bleep* checker, can't type Tyc o o n because it doesn't like c o o n together.
    12. Fore'um Runner (ala forerunner)
    13. Forum Slave
    14. Forum Bully
    15. Forum Fanatic
    16. Forum Freak
    17. Forum Hound
    18. Forum Junkie
    19. Forum Fiend
    20. Forum Addict
    21. Forum'aholic
    22. Forum Nation
    23. Forum'ville
    24. Forum Town

    The word "Forum" could easily be replaced with "Thread" or "Post" in most of the above examples (ie Thread King, Thread Master, etc.)
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    vBvBvB $Talk$

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    Sprint Love
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    I wonder if you can ise vBoards

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    vBvBvB $Messenger$

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    I suggest you keep the word 'talk' out of it because it isn't using voice (talking). The term chat or messenger probably fit better.
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    vBvBvB $Mobile$
    Mobile Boards
    Mobi vBvBvB

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    webOS Talk
    webOS Forum
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    How about

    Joe C.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ryleyinstl View Post
    webOS Talk
    webOS Forum
    Those will imply that only webos forums would work

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    You could shorten Tap@Talk to T@T

    So you could do something like

    T@T Forum Navigator
    T@T Forum Messenger

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    Quote Originally Posted by ryleyinstl View Post
    vBuddy Messenger

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    I like forum fanatic
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    Forum Mojo (was it written in Mojo?)
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    Pidgin is a universal chat client for the PC. In keeping with that, here is a possible icon or background for the app... and thanks to for the timely post.
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