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    So what's your typical day on your Pre/Pixi? I use my Pre a lot during the day, my main use is an mp3 player(for my work truck), followed by BFG maps (although I know my city pretty well so it's not often that I'm using it but it's better than my Garmin), I get maybe 3-4 emails a day ...some of those days are all spam, the odd phone call here and there, but I do have a work phone that I mostly use, call me snoopy but Pre|Central is a good time killer for me in between runs, I'm usually looking for the latest patch, maybe the latest app(tend to check Preware more often than the catalog)..... but I usually find myself reading(and sometimes contributing(it's really hard not to sometimes)) gossip about who's complaining about what etc. Once in a while on my super slow days, I get into some SuperNES, or some other game of mine. Check out who's doing what on Facebook and that's pretty much it. (Average ordinary day here).

    To summarize:
    Music Player (Remix) 2.0
    BFG maps
    Phone(do people still use cell phones as cell phones anymore?)

    I have well over 100 if not closer to 150 apps that I've downloaded, I use (with some sort of regularity) 8..... 5%

    Keep in mind that I'm pretty busy, I don't spend hours upon hours on my phone, it is plugged in and it's on my dashboard, but I am actually working getting in and out of my vehicle all day long. And when I get home whether it be 4 or 7...not only do I have other things like a dog and some cats and supper to take care of, some tv time, a computer with (I know this is gonna blow your mind) a staggering 2.4GHz Intel Core2 Quad CPU (oh so much faster than my puny Pre) with 3GB Ram and my 24" rotateable HP screen(so it's not like I'm sitting on my phone all night), let's not forget my lovely girlfriend who thinks I'm somewhat ******** coming onto this website, almost daily....and thank god she puts up with it

    So suppose we had 200,000 apps like Apple.....30,000 apps like Android.... where would you find the time to use them? I find I'm pretty busy with all of that, I have my core 8 or so apps that I use but looking through my list on my phone, some apps I haven't touched in weeks, or even months. Maybe I'm glad I don't have 200,000 options to waste my time (not saying they're all a waste, but you get my drift) and don't even know it.
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    Goodness, I'm a rather heavy data user. Usually around 6GB a month (on Sprint).

    Email - several accounts, around 100 messages a day.
    wIRC- About 8 hours a day
    Facebook - Hi, my name is amoeba15 and I'm addicted to Facebook
    Angry Birds
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    After defeating Angry Birds, I don't play that any more.

    What I do on my Pre (personal use) the most is:

    Email - hundred plus a day
    Text - less than a dozen on the average day
    Phone - about average I guess
    Web - some, not too much any more
    App Catalog - dozen times a day usually
    Music - seldom, but occasionally
    Gamer Friends for PSN - my own app, I use it a bunch (and the alpha and beta builds, of course)
    Mobile Hotspot - provide internet to my free Developer Pre Plus (thanks Palm!) when I'm not around a private hotspot (home, office)

    On my non-activated at&t developer phone (thanks Palm!):
    Gamer Friends for PSN beta and alpha builds
    -- other apps in alpha and beta status --
    A couple various apps (Govnah for the 1GHz kernel), Preware, Camera, music player, app catalog
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    Well, I text a good amount, check email, check app catalog, check preware, play like 10 games a day, then charge my phone through the night.

    EDIT: I almost forgot music!
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