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    Wondering if there was a developer interested in creating a webos app for Educus?

    Free Online Medical Journals | Search Abstracts

    This is a journal search engine. It renders decently on the webos browser, but would be fantastic if there was a native app that could cache searches, save articles, email etc...
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    Good idea.
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    that would be pretty useful, kind of like the old one on PalmOS
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    Oh man. This was the app I was working on. Had such a perfect trial set up. With online backup and citations and everything... but I diverted my focus >.<.

    So hard to do this as a hobby, have such awesome ideas, and then realize I have an actual job that pays me and has responsibilities/requirements as well.

    Sorry guys! I'll try to get my OB Tracker app up to a decent level where the OB's are (and I am) satisfied, and then I'll get back to this one...

    I promise it's coming!


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