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    I currently am venturing out (Hurrican Windows & Doors) of my trade/business (economy woes) and am wondering if there is, or any plans for some way I can manage OR TRACK the other business.

    Basically, I have 6 employee's, and anywhere from 5 to 7 projects in the works. I've yet to find a mobile app that would let me keep track of eac employee hours (my entry of course), and projects.

    For example, I would like to know employee a. Worked 50 hours, or project 'a' has had 200 man hours, or be able to determine, by entered data, that employee 'b' worked on project 'a' for 21 hours.

    Does any of this makes sense?

    any ideas? Web apps? (wrote this on my Pre waiting in parkinglot for 'employee B' to show up) sry for errors.

    Can someone point me in the right direction? Incase ayone is wondering, (which I doubt), I've started 'Pool Leak Repair' business, which is not seasonal, and very 'active' trade here in Florida. Hurricane Windows & Doors.... Not so much.
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    Oops. Looks like my business partner is going to ontract a webOS dev to do the work.

    Interestingly, he managed to find someone willing to do it and he (partner) has never heard of PreCentral.

    I'm not sure of the details yet but, what does one charge for apps? By the hour, project pricing? How do devs come up with a price? I can't wait to hear these details from them. Its got my curiosity so roused up.

    I wish I could have consulted with someone here before hand, but, it seems most the dev's here are game devs, or patch creators. Nothing wrong with that tho.

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