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    I just got a new palm pre plus from at&t. When I downloaded webOS quick install, some files could not be downloaded. Now there is a little red box with the letters "tlh" on the right side of my screen after about 5 minutes of using my phone. I have erased all apps that i downloaded, not sure about webOS quick install, rebooted my phone, etc. What is this box and how do i get rid of it. I'm NOT a computer whiz so I hope the solution is an easy one
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    my guess is that you probably installed one of those klingon apps, because their ipk names have been appended with "tlh".

    some residual files have been left over from a failed install/remove, so what you can do is a partial erase first.

    if that doesn't help get rid of it, you might have to go for a full erase, cos whatever's messing up your dashboard could also be on your USB partition.
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    Thanx. Exactly what will a full erase do to my phone. I did a partial erase to remove all downloaded apps.
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    A full erase will wipe out your USB partition; so your photos, ringtones, wallpapers, and any other stuff that you've loaded on your Pre while connected in USB mode will be erased.

    Some apps, when installed, create files in the USB partition that don't get properly removed even though you've uninstalled it. So a full erase might help.

    But was I right? You did install one of those Klingon apps, yes?
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    I guess it was klingon apps that caused the problem. I did a full erase. Lost everything but the red box. When the red box is on the screen i can't type english alphabet. Everything looks like chinese, arabic, or symbols. The box only shows up on the screen when i'm in one of my factory laoded apps.
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    then it sounds like you need to Doctor your phone.

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