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    Why is there no Uverse App for WebOS!! AT&T Sells the Pre Plus!! We want our UVERSE APP!!!!!
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    Wow...It would be nice to have but no need to get so mad about it.
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    If you want a UVerse app, then go to the AT&T site and complain to them since it is up to that company to make it and not Palm.
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    im in the same boat. im looking and seeing that the iphone has it, BB Torch has it (for some reason) and WP7 will be getting it on launch. I actually went to Uverse's website and went on their general support chat, there is a number they gave me to talk to the mobile somethin er other department, but i was at work and didn't have the time to call. So maybe if someone can get through to the Mobile device department or whatever its called, we can get an email address to spam so we can get this app made. Looks pretty sick.

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