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    I pretty much agree with you.. but the point I was more trying to make is that it's more like if someone was to work at Country Time Lemonade as a day job and then open up a lemonade stand outside their house with signs saying they're still Country Time Lemonade.
    I see your point But the point your analogy is missing is the fact that these aren't apps HP people are creating outside of the office. These are apps that HP had their people to make as part of a competition they ran to get internal workers to start thinking about what they can do with webOS. The resulting apps are owned by HP, not the programmers (they are paid to create). They aren't making them and selling them on the side, but made them in an effort to win some swag from their company when they took over Palm. Personally, I just skip buying a coffee if I want an app.
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    I'd love it if they'd just add the ability to tap and play a particular song on the playlist. I like the random jumping feature, but sometimes a particular song is just the thing, and the only way that I've seen to get to it is to keep skipping until it happens to be picked. It would be a lot easier to buy a particular song if it could be select that way. Of course, I might have just missed something.
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    Most apps cost less than a cup of coffee. And consider that a phone app lasts as long as the phone lasts while the cup of coffee is one time use. Two bucks is a bargain for most apps.
    Granted some are crap. But they won't last very long fortunately.
    I just like that a someone named Starbuckk uses a coffee analogy, that rules :-)
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