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    Up to 4,005 to be exact (at least on my device).

    Just thought everyone would like to know.
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    If we took AppBookShop and BrighthouseLabs out of the picture, we'd have like 50 apps...
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    It's all about the numbers though... If android & iPhone got rid of all their crap apps they would have a lot less also.
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    Didn't want to start a new thread out of this, in part cause it's not counting only US apps, but the catalog seems to have hit 5K+ when counting all apps from all regions...


    Again, please note I sad all regions! EDIT, at least I think that is what that number is telling me from the P|C link above?

    EDIT 2: Sorry bout that, when I pull up the app catalog on a US Pre, it's only at 4260 which sounds way off from the 5009. I need to stop looking at the numbers on P|C
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    And not a Google Voice app among them Maybe someday

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