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    I am talking about Angry Birds people.

    I just saw an article stating that Angry Birds beta is now available for the Android platform. So the biggest game has come out on little ol webos about a month before making it to beta on android. I guess this shows the potential of webos to other developers. Rovio(developer of webos) actually spent time and money putting this out for webos getting it out before the android one, while androids subscriber base blows away webos subscriber base.

    I hope this shows an example to other developers with successful IOS apps. Do you think we will start seeing more of this with quality developers who have sucessful apps?
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    Old news but I don't think we'll see any high quality developers until new devices are released. And for that whole "potential of webOS" part, the sad truth is that even with the extra $100,000 Angry birds got from the hot apps contest, it's probably going to make way way more money on Android.

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