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    Tried this 411 type look up app, and it works pretty well, for business look ups. Why it doesn't search for people makes it a bit handicapped.

    Features that I and I'm sure others would like to see are:
    - white pages people look up ability
    - click to save results to contacts.
    - reverse look up

    ....and I don't really like the name, but YMMV.
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    instead of shelling out the $1.50 or whatever it is to Bell, I usually just type in the name of the business, or if I know it the address, or the other way around the phone number and hit enter ie. Universal Search, and although it doesn't work everytime, I'd say over 80% of the time, I get what I'm looking for....just rereading your post...wasnt the answer you're looking for but as far as reverse lookups...generally if they're in the phonebook it seems to work for me, unless of course it's a cell phone

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