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    Bored today? Need something to keep you enthralled for hours on end? Looking for another game to throw into your list of games? Well Azkend is one you should throw in there... near the top of the list.

    I go into work yesterday, only to find out that I am to sit for a solid 12 hours, and do nothing. I knew I was in trouble, but I carelessly surfed the interwebs for a couple hours. Scanning Engadget, Wikipedia, Precentral etc etc. Then I get a text message. "Check out this Azkend Lite game, its pretty interesting." I download it and beat the Lite version in about 35 minutes. I go buy the full version, and I find myself playing in bed 3 1/2 hours later.

    This game is good.

    The story goes your team of archaeologists find some uber powerful relic in Asia. Well, the relic is too powerful and now you've got to return it to a temple. The temple is on top of a mountain, and the path to the top if divided into levels for you to complete. Needless to say, the story is complete, crafted, but nonetheless unimportant.

    Gameplay is Azkend's buying point. Think Bejeweled on a hex grid. Line up 3 or more same adjacent objects, and they're cleared off the screen. Once you do this across every grid-peice, a piece of a talisman is randomly placed at the top of a column. Get it to the bottom, and you gain the piece. Unlock enough pieces to complete a Talisman puzzle and you gain use of that Talisman.

    The use of these talismans is a nice twist on the Bejeweled mechanic. Different Talismans have different abilities. IE- When four or more hammer Talismans are lined up, a giant hammer knocks out a random few grid pieces. Use of these talismans is critical to success in this game. It definately adds a deeper strategy element to the game. Once you unlock one or two, you want the rest and it keeps you interested.

    The playing grid, the menu system, the cutscenes and minigame paintings are above and beyond wonderful. I have rarely seen games of this polish and perfection. Of the ones I have, Azkend is probably better. The colors are rich and deep, the images detailed. You can see the effort the developer put into the presentation wherever you look. Something missed these times where games are meant to be profit monsters.

    As to follow up I have logged about 4 hours of play on Azkend. The game was challenging, yet forgiving, and captured me from start to finish. If you need a game you can spend 10 minutes on, or countless hours on, Azkend is for you, and its worth every penny.

    --Developer: 10tons Ltd.
    --Download Size: 26.66Mb
    --Version: 1.2.1
    --# of D/L: 600
    --Price in Catalog: $2.99
    --Release Date: 9/14/10
    --Hardware Played On: VZW Palm Pre Plus

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    Played it through twice. Once to complete it and once to get the star for every level. Recommended.

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