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    I'm a long time pre user who gets an 'itch' for new apps/updates very now and then. I just got out of warrenty, so I overclocked. I also bought angry birds, the SNES emulator, glow hockey and a couple others.

    I'm now looking for a good weather app that will hopefully run in the background/home screen. Also, just wanted to see what are the best new apps or patches I may be missing.

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    Try out Weatherman (in the App Catalog)... it runs on your main wallpaper and you can set it to update at regular increments. I wasn't sure if I'd like it at first, but after using it, I really do! I was worried about battery drain, but I haven't see any extra drain at all since I have it set to only update every hour.

    Here's a screen shot:
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    I have about 3 or 4 weather apps on my phone, but my go-to - when I really want to know what's going on - is The Weather Channel app - good forecasts and radar. (I keep the Weather Dashboard on for a quick look. Got tired of Weatherman obstructing my wallpaper.) I also have Track It, being in South Texas.

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