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    It's 1984, your on the nose of a f-16 fighter jet barreling top speed down a neon infused Death Star inspired tunnel, with music that only syncs with your blood after an all-night cocaine binge... You must be playing Putki.

    Upon opening this game you're presented with five different levels to choose from. The layout of each is different than the rest, but the premise of the game doesn't change.

    Once loaded, you'll find yourself slowly falling down the edge of an endless tunnel in which you have bars that span across the tunnel in different patterns. It's your job to find a way through.

    To accomplish this deceptively easy task, just tilt your phone Left or Right. This is all done in landscape orientation, with the bottom being on the right side if you hold your phone in portrait to look at it... and that's the gist of this game.

    If you're yearning for a good ole "Twitch Game" this should be for you, and its free. It's an obvious no brainer.The game isn't without pitfalls though.

    The Music. Music in this game is made up of one techno track. Albeit a track that feels like it should be here, it's still just one track. Maybe on per level would be better...

    The Bug. As of the current version 1.1.5 a crash on any level other than classic will freeze the game. I don't know how it wasn't caught, but there have been a lot of complaints, so its not just my device.

    The last may not be as much of a shortcoming of Putki as it is of the phone itself. Throughout the game you'll notice some occasional slowdown from time to time. Sometimes its not so bad, sometimes it's really bad. Once or twice I would start the proceedings of throwing my phone through the nearest wall, only to aim for the couch pillow at the last second.

    Overall it's a great and simple game. Maybe a bug fix, and some goood polish and refinement, This game will be great... 8.5 outta 10 after bugfix!

    Developer: Alphapolygon
    Version: 1.1.5
    D/L Size: 7.79Mb
    # of D/L: 55380

    Hardware Played on: VZW Palm Pre Plus stock cpu speed.
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    Well, it doesn't crash on my Pre
    And it's actually a really nice little game!!
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    This is the only game that HAS crashed my Pre!
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    Yep... Crashes my Pre everytime I crash in the game.

    Lots of updates issued but they never solved the crashing so I gave up and uninstalled until I start hearing that it's stable.
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    the classic level is perfectly stable. It also happens be all you need for the game to be a blast.

    there's an update today, i'm gonna see if it fixes the crashing.

    UPDATE: nope, it still crashes...
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    this game is terrible, sorry.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jetsetter883 View Post
    this game is terrible, sorry.
    Jetsetter, could you elaborate on your opinion? I'm not saying I think your opinion is wrong, I just know that I and many others have enjoyed this game, and would like to know your thoughts.

    "It is innocent, unless found Gu1l7y.
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    I just downloaded this and my son and I are having a blast. No crash issue for me -- very occasionally it briefly freezes after my ship (or whatever I'm in crashes). I'm gonna recommend this to eeryone I know.
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    very very cool game
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    Awesome little game, love it. All modes other than classic aren't very stable, but is still a blast & VERY addictive.

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