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    "Vision" is a set of tools for
    • Visual Acuity Tests (Snellen 20/20 - Snellen 6/6 - Monoyer- MAR - logMAR - ETDRS - Ametropia - Standard / High contrast- Pre/Pixi screen support - random letters or number - Letters can be displayed with or without a timer - dark light background)
    • Near Vision Tests
    • Color Blindnes Match Test
    • Ishihara Test
    • Deficiencies Samples
    • Shortsightedness, Longsightedness Test
    • Astigmatism Test
    • Age Related Macular Degeneration Test
    • Eye Cross section
    • Full Units conversion.
    • Create database with visual acuity tests.
    • Export database via email.

    Download from app catalog

    If you want more features, tell me !
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    I've tried this out a little. It's an impressive app with all of the stuff in it.
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    thanks! if you need more features. send me a PM!
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    Been meaning to upload a review of your app. Just uploaded my 15th webOS app to the catalog, so this week will get down to blog updates and reviews
    It looks very good and is chock full of options.
    One suggestion: is it possible to have an equivalent of a pocket snellen test - where one doesn't have to position the test so far away?|5707&id=9824

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    providing far acuity tests with one meter distance for example is not accurate because light rays are now coming from the infinite. For near distance, Jager or Parinaud scales are better

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