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    Because my faithful Treo 680 gave up on me, I bought a new unlocked Palm PrPrPr $in$ $the$ $Netherlands$, $and$ $registered$ $my$ $Palm$ $account$. $Now$ $I$ $found$ $out$ $that$ $I$ $can$'$t$ $buy$ $any$ $paid$ $apps$ $from$ $the$ $catalog$ $here$...
    I really need the SplashID web OS version to be able to access my precious data on the PrPrPr....$I$ $used$ $SplashID$ $since$ $several$ $years$ $on$ $all$ $my$ $Palms$ $and$ $collected$ $tons$ $of$ $data$ $in$ $it$.
    Isn't there any other way to get this besides through the app catalog? I looked at other alternatives, e.g. SecureStore, but their import function is only supported in the Pro, paid, version, which is also unaccessible for me...
    Please help
    Thanks in advance
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    The only other way I can think of is through the Classic app. You would have to purchase Classic and see if the good people at splash id will be willing to give you a registration key as a current customer. I did this for a couple of apps I had in my old Treo phones. I think you may be able to purchase the Classisc App from their web site. Hope this helps.

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