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    The game is currently in the review queue
    UPDATE 09/28/2010: The game is now available through Palm's App Catalogue:

    In this remake of the Amiga classic, brothers Puff and Blow are armed with a Methane Gas Gun capable of firing clouds of immobilizing gas, battle armies of bad guys called "baddies". Puff and Blow's Methane Gun fires off clouds of gas, which if aimed well, engulfs the baddies sending them floating harmlessly about the screen. Puff and Blow must act quickly to suck the gas clouds containing the baddies back into the gun and blast them out against a vertical surface -- the only way to convert baddies into some goodies and collect bonuses! However, if time is wasted and gas cloud dissipates releasing the baddies, they become extremely irritated and seek revenge!

    - More than 100 levels
    - Dozens of enemies
    - Numerous bosses
    - Secret rooms
    - Lots of powerups
    - Addictive chip tune soundtracks

    Recommended for people who like Bubble Bobble, Pacman and other platformers.
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    It has been approved!
    Here is the link:

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