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    I was about to buy Agile Messenger when I read at one of the reviews that says that they are asking for a yearly subscription of $34? Is that right? I mean $10 should have been enough...
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    I've been "using" Agile Messenger for the past 2 months or so and have not received such a message yet. Save yourself the 10 bucks though, totally NOT worth it. It has some pretty cool features, but it's super buggy and is the worst battery hog I've ever seen! I originally bought it for the Facebook compatibility, but I just use the spoof patch in Preware now. Only time I use it now is if I want to send a picture through messenger.
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    I have it also, they don't ask for a yearly subscription.

    Check their website, it might be for a different OS. It could have been for the older Palm OS and not WebOS?

    Or it could be for businesses and not personal usage.

    So far, I just paid my one time price.

    But in the end, I install the Messaging Plugins patch, which works the best out of all these other apps. And it has notifcations without having to keep the app opened all the time. It just works better. As I said, I paid for all the IM clients offered and so far none of them worked as good as the Messaging Plugin patch.

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