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    I have neato, and really like it, was wondering if anyone has WebtoPhone, and how it compares to neato?
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    I've been using Web2Phone since it was released and it has worked perfectly. Never found a reason to switch to neato.
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    From the author of Neato!:

    Quote Originally Posted by Zhephree View Post
    I'll be honest, I did research before I wrote neato! and I couldn't find any other app. That speaks about the developer, not the blogs. I've managed to garner a steady userbase because of my foursquare app, which is somewhat high profile because foursquare is high profile right now. Because of that userbase, when I tweeted about neato!, people Rt'd it and PreCentral picked up on it, and so did webOSRoundup and EverythingPre.

    I just bought WebToPhone and it's a nice looking app. It's similar to neato! in that you get a 5 digit code you enter in on a website to and you can then send data to your phone, however, it's not 1-click like neato! is.

    I think my app and WebToPhone might work for different people, but if you want an app that you can "set it and forget it", neato! will fill that need.

    Granted, I only used WebToPhone for a little bit, so correct me if I'm wrong, but as far as I could tell, you need the full card open, then you have to set it in "receive mode", then go to a web page on your browser, paste in the URL or text in a box and send it, then copy and paste the URL/text from the app on your phone into the web browser or email or whatever. On neato!, you just click a button in your browser and the website opens up on your phone, or text can be emailed or SMSd in one tap.

    But again, different use cases for different people. Some might like WebToPhone, some might want neato!. Whatever works best for you, buy it and use it.
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