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    I'm Alex Haefner, I am the developer who made critical mass. I have a new pdk game available for you to try. Please let me know what you think and your feedback. This is going to be released as a game itself, but this was actually just the framework for a very different winter-themed game hopefully coming some time in mid october. I look forward to pushing multiple games across iOS and webOS. Let me know your thoughts right away!

    The rapid release (level/bug fixes/features) betas will always be posted to PreCentral. At the time of posting the application feed is not live yet, but should be within the next few hours.

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    Following the link it says that it is not available.
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    I think he just submitted it, it could be up in a few hrs or so...
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    It's up. Grab it and tell me what you think!
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    Any thoughts? I've submitted it to Palm, but I think I have discovered a bug that will cause the app to crash (but I have not yet found a solution). Aside from that I have fixed the flinging algorithm, and improved menu flow. We'll see if it gets approved.
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    Another note: It does not work for the pixi right now. If enough people express interest in it, I will definitely post an update with pixi support.
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    The application is not currently available. Please try again later.
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    I think you should definitely add pixi/veer support. The lack of PDK games for pixi is really sad. <-- see?
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    Looking forward to it. I really liked critical mass.
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    What do we need to do? All I get is the message I got before or "The action could not be completed" Is it cause I am on a Pre2?
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    I'm getting the same message to and I'm using my computer. I don't think it's your phone, rather the app isn't ready yet.

    EDIT: I just checked the App Catolag on my Pre Plus by just searching Fling! and it showed up. Going to see how it is.
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    Wow yes, there it is, right next to the other "Fling!!" (2 exclamations), and it downloaded and installed just fine. Silly me...
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    You guys realize this thread has been inactive since september of last year? My guess is the developer has stopped work on this project...

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