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    Please let me know if an application exists on the Pre that would prevent pocket dials and suppress certain notifications from a particular user or group of users. Before someone rolls their eyes and mentions the obvious; Pre’s screen lock feature. I am looking for a more full feature app that gives you control on how the Pre dials and notifies you.

    We all know how pocket dialing could lead to uncomfortable scenarios with co-workers and personal relationships. The Pre has great visual cues for notifications. Unfortunately, the Pre has not helped me avoid these scenarios like my Treo did. My Pre often has four or more notifications apparent.

    On the Touchstone, my Pre displays these visual cues for anybody passing my desk to view. Most of the time, these notifications are bland; yet sometimes they reveal enough details to peak curious minds. I am considering completely turning notifications off when I thought that the folks on the forum my have suggestions for me. The app would help with pocket dial by adding a pin to certain numbers; auto dismissing certain notifications; even auto replying on txts as well. I found RingtoneWhere, which changes the Ringtone based on location like work or home. This app seems like a good start.
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    if you turn off the screen before you put it in the pocket, you can't **** dial cuz the screen is locked.

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