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    Version 1.5.0 - Added the ability to create custom commands. Added a preferences scene. Added a "Customize" scene. Streamlined application launch.

    Version 1.1.1 - added an update check, and a news feed to the settings page. Fixed several minor bugs.

    Welcome to Fubar the game that is designed to get you fubar(look it up). The game is simple, tap the button and do what it says. It is this simplicity that makes it so much fun. It can be played by as many players as you would like, the social aspects of this game make it a fun party game. Fubar is based on the popular party game Kings, with the largest difference being that it doesn’t require cards to play. Though not required, cards can make a great addition to the game. Try it with your favorite card game using Fubar as a reward or punishment to the winner/loser. You are only limited by your imagination. Don’t forget to visit our forums to share your favorite games to play with Fubar.
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