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    Level 22 is, for lack of a better phrase, twisted and cruel. Sure, there are some difficult levels prior... but I managed to beat them (and all with 5 stars).

    But really... I've spent literally HOURS on this level, and cannot even pass it with a minimal score, let alone trying for 5 stars.

    The main issue (and I've had this problem with other levels) is that there's no way to "lock" the screen in place. Multiple, quick taps on different parts of the screen tends to occasionally move the screen... I've lost many monkeys this way lol.

    Anyway... while I do love the game, until (unless?) there is an update that allows you to lock the screen in place, I'll be putting this one down.

    *edit* could a mod please move this to the app reviews forum? Accidentally put it in the wrong place...
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