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    Love the game, but it seems that if it starts transferring high score data and then loses the data signal (like on the subway this afternoon for me), it gets stuck with no timeout. I waited 30 seconds and then just closed the app and reopened it.
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    Really love this game, though recent updates have lessened this, the game does crash every now and then, where the card will just quit on its own.
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    Awesome game...very addictive...but one gripe: sometimes when I jump off a spring or do a super jump, I stop in a space above a gold platform where there's NOTHING to land on. I did this once with about 120K points. Is this intended? Seems like you could prevent this. Once I get over 100K, I have to avoid springs and super jumps rather than seek them out, which is very frustrating. Another lesser gripe: I lost at 360K because I didn't see the small gray platform hidden behind another person's high score! It's neat to see that you're passing global high scores, but when they cover a platform, that's not good.

    I look forward to your response on both of these. Again, awesome game...thanks!

    Jeff White
    Dickson, TN
    "Big Daddy"
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