Announcing Dungeon Scroll for Palm Pre!

Oops, guess I need ten posts to link images or links? Well, if somehow you find it (google?) , let me know what you think. Screenshots and movie trailer are over on

Here is some info:

"With a great combination of real-time play, fantasy motif, and excellent mechanics (and a competent dictionary, I might add), Dungeon Scroll becomes my new favorite word game...Two thumbs up, way up!" - The Underdogs

"Puzzle Game Of The Year" - Game Tunnel

If a word game and a dungeon crawler had a baby, this would be it. Arrange tiles to create magic words and blast rats, spiders and skeletons. But beware, a great evil looms beneath the depths.

Grab your wand and sharpen your intellect for you’re about to embark on a dangerous journey through twenty-five of the most vile dungeons in the realm!

  • Internet Global Highscore feature including world flags and the most comprehensive game details ever in a word-game!
  • Automatic save/resume on exit
  • Secrets and ‘magic words’ for you to find
  • Kid Mode, Normal, and Wizard game modes
  • High quality orchestral stereo soundtrack

Any comments/suggestions appreciated.