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    Yeah - AppCat is fixed!

    ...but very slow...
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    That's good - like using Preware only for "non-app catalog" apps, gets to confusing for me with everything lumped into one place.
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    yep.. Mine working too! Thanks palm!
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    I'd give it a few days before breaking out the champagne.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Trekker View Post
    I'd give it a few days before breaking out the champagne.
    are we a bit too cynical? go ahead and celebrate now while there isn't much news.
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    Palm make an intentional change which happens to have a bug with a bad side-effect. They fess up to the unintentional side effect immediately it is pointed out, and publicly say they will fix it. Like any changes to live production services, the fix takes a while to implement, test and deploy.

    Once the fix is completed (i.e. now), the appropriate response is just saying "Oh good, that minor annoyance is fixed now" and moving on with our lives

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    Oh good, that minor annoyance is fixed now.

    Been there, don't like it. Glad when it's over.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    are we a bit too cynical?
    Not really. I believe that Adora tweeted that the problem was fixed before. A day or two later it got worse. Hopefully they nailed it this time.
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    I can't go to App Catalog. It always show the message: "The action could not be completed...", and so I can't download Adobe Flash for my Palm Pre Plus.
    I using WebOS 1.4.5, can anyone give me a ipk file of Adobe Flash.
    Thanks so much for support.
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    First off... that message is due to a well-documented glitch with the app catalog that they are working on..

    Secondly-- there is no Adobe Flash for webOS devices yet, so there's nothing you will find in there.
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    As Newman said, Flash doesn't even exist for webOS yet...
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    Glad the App Catalog is fixed.

    My theory is that Palm got rattled by our masked PPPAAAAAALLLLMMMMM! hero, and they are so nervously rushing to get WebOS2 and phones, PalmPads to market that they just went a little too quickly.

    Now that it is fixed, WebOS2 must just be ready, right?





    Ok, back to real life now ; >
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    +1 I'm so glad they got this fixed, Thanks Palm.

    and thanks everyone here for forcing the issue.
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    Sabeis si es posible buscar en el catálogo de palm aplicaciones en español, es decir, usando eso como criterio de busqueda?
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