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    How to hack through Asurion Mobile Recovery:

    METHOD 1:

    Step 1: Open Pin code Entry Screen.

    Step 2: Switch to Asurion Mobile Recovery App by clicking Minimized icon

    Step 3: (Must be done QUICKLY) Gesture up to access quick menu and open email app (or whatever apps are on quick menu)

    And thats it.

    You may have to repeat it a few times to work on your speed, but this shows this Asurion pin code lock is all but worthless.


    They need to remove their icons, and all other open icons from the "tray" when the phone is locked.

    See an image of the hack in action below:

    METHOD #2:

    Just send an email or text to the phone (email may be the one listed right on the Pin code entry page :-P)
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    Wow. Talk about pin code fail.
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    No joke... actually, the I guess it is a joke

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