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    I'm having trouble getting past the 19th puzzle. I don't see how it is possible a all. It is the one shaped like an H. I would post a picture but I'm onmy phone and can't at the moment. If anyone has passed this level please show me how you did it.

    Maybe this can be an ongoing help forum for those who are stuck.

    Thanks in advance.
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    I finally solved it on my own. I feel so silly now. The answer was so obvious. I don't know how I didn't see it sooner.
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    hey guys

    i just saw somebody who solved 725 woodenigma-puzzles on his android-phone. do you think that the other puzzles will somewhen be ported to webos, too? i just finished all 450 on webos

    greetz, zoltar
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    I can't get past puzzle 7 - the happy face. Been at it for a few days, after 5 min I'm about the throw my phone. I refuse to skip a puzzle.

    update: VICTORY! On a roll now.

    just found this game the other day - what a time killer this is.
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