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    My friend from high school has an iPhone, and we want to play some games on the web.

    What games are there that work on all major platforms (iPhone/Android/webOS) and are multiplayer through the web?

    I know that WordAce (or is it Word Ace) is multiplatform. I think that also Iron Sight might fit what my friend and I want.

    Anyone got any info on this issues?
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    The ones I know of are N.O.V.A. and Brothers in Arms 2: Global Front. I'm sure there are more.
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    What games are multiplayer and multiplatform? And free? You ask? Card Ace (texas holdem) and Word Ace (word texas holdem) and Blackjack, all from self aware games are free, multiplayer, and multiplatform. Fun stuff.
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    I think some of EA's games are multiplayer. Not sure if they cross platforms though. Does anyone else know?

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