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    Chemistry HandBook :

    This application lists more than 3,760chemical compounds, with detailed specifications for each. The database contains

    organic molecules,
    inorganic molecules,
    organic molecules,
    functional groups,
    famous chemists.

    Search for a molecule by typing its name or formula. Find a chemical element by typing its electronic configuration, name, atomic weight, melting point, ...
    Find a famous chemist by typing its name, a date, ...

    This application can also save bookmarks and share via SMS, email, facebook, twitter.

    More :

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    Sounds cool. I definitely have to check this out.
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    Oh to be a high school or college student again, with all these wonderful tools, like this.

    What will the cost be, might be a fun app to have.
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    it will be available in the app catalog in a few days for 3.99$
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    Chemistry HandBook is now available in the app catalog !
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    a new update 1.1.0 has been submitted to the app catalog. Minor Bug fix
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    new update submitted to the app catalog 1.2.0 with database update.

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